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Inspired by the adventurous spirit of Chronic Cellars, the "Ironic Cellars" value wine gift set merges tradition with bold innovation. Featuring top Cabernet Sauvignon and the best wine blends, each bottle is crafted from grapes selected from the finest Paso Robles harvests, ensuring a collection that epitomizes excellence. This set is more than just wine; it's an invitation to savor the unique, meticulously crafted expressions of one of the most characterful vineyards. With free shipping included, "Ironic Cellars" delivers an artful wine experience directly to your door, offering a taste as distinctive as it is delightful.

The 2021 Sir Real from Chronic Cellars is a notable blend that stands out for its rich flavor profile and the quality of its craftsmanship. This wine is a testament to the unique terroir of Paso Robles, showcasing the depth and complexity that the region can produce. It's crafted with the discerning palate in mind, offering a sophisticated tasting experience that reflects the distinctive character of Chronic Cellars' wines.

The 2021 Purple Paradise is another standout offering from Chronic Cellars, encapsulating the vibrant essence and dynamic flavors that have become synonymous with the brand. This wine reflects the rich, fertile landscapes of Paso Robles, carefully crafted to offer an immersive tasting experience. Ideal for those who seek depth, character, and a touch of whimsy in their wine selection, Purple Paradise is a testament to the creative spirit of Chronic Cellars.

The 2021 Suite Petite from Chronic Cellars is a celebration of intensity and elegance, blending the best of Paso Robles' terroir into a compelling red wine. It's designed for those who appreciate a bold, nuanced flavor profile, offering a rich and satisfying tasting experience. This wine showcases the meticulous attention to detail and passion for winemaking that Chronic Cellars is known for.

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    fish | fin fish


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